Can I resell purchased source code?
When you purchase source code, you do so under a sublicensing agreement. You cannot resell your purchase as is.
Is there a way to make a purchase other than through PayPal?
No other payment method is available at this time.
Who has the copyrights of the purchased source code?
The copyrights are placed under a sublicensing agreement.
For more information see are(Terms)
I'm having trouble uploading an app. What should I do?
Contact our support staff using the blue support button at the bottom right of our website.
What should I put in my app overview?
Your app overview should start with a general description of your app. Is it a game or an app? What is its function or purpose? Remember, this is your place to make an impression on buyers. You overview shouldn't be too short and it needs to be well formatted and readable.

Next, describe some of the characteristics of your app. Is it colorful? Simple? Fun? This is the place to use adjectives and compare your app to others on the market.

Next list some of the features of your app. Think about ease of customizability, ability to monetize, features within the app or game (leaderboards, analytics, monetization, other plugins, etc.).

Finally, please include a statement regarding the environment in which the app was developed (Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode), and which OS versions your app supports. Tell buyers about easy or difficult it's going to be to reskin or customize your app. Do they need coding experience? Can they just replace the image files?

If you have any questions about how to write an app description, please contact our support department. We will be happy to give you advice and support in writing your app descriptions.
How much money can I make selling my apps?
Sellers get to keep 70% of the selling price of apps sold on our market.
I have a suggestion. Who should I talk to?
Start a support ticket by using the blue support button on the bottom right of our website.
Who buys source code on meetsource.com?
Many buyers are non-technical, non-coders, who are looking to create and market an app or game on their own by purchasing licenses to apps so that they can then launch them in the app market.

Some buyers may be more technical, but are looking to save time and cost by purchasing a template and customizing the app to integrate it into a project that they are already working on.

Still, other buyers may be students or amateur developers who are looking to understand how an app or game works by purchasing a license to the source code and analyzing it. Some may be doing this for study, while some may go on to release the app later.
Who sells source code on meetsource.com?
Sellers on our platform are quite diverse.

Many are professional developers with years of experience. These sellers have created a large number of apps and may prefer to sell the source code rather than deal with the difficulties of marketing an app.

Some are students or hobbyists, who may have created an app or game as part of an educational, group, or club project, and who are now looking to make some money of their hard work.
Will my app receive updates?
This depends on the developer. Some developers will continue developing the apps and provide updates to licensees when they are released, such as when a new OS version is released or to add new features or patching bugs. You should communicate with developers individually regarding whether or not updates will be provided.
How do I make an app/game?
The flow from purchase to release goes something like this:

  1. Find an app or game that has the features you are looking for on the platform (Android/iOS) that you want to develop your app for.
  2. Purchase the app source code
  3. Download the app source code from your account dashboard and load it in either Eclipse, Android Studio, or Xcode.
  4. Customize (“reskin”) your app:
    1)  For games this usually means you need to change the designs of the characters and levels.
    2)  For apps, how much needs to be changed can vary. The product description page should say what needs to be changed, but be sure to ask the original developer.
    3)  You will usually need to change the logos and branding to your own development company’s.
    4)  If you don’t have any graphic design or app design skills, consider asking the original developer to help you with the reskinning process. If the developer isn’t available, try contacting us— we may be able to help you find another developer to help you.
    5)  Once the reskinning is done it is time to begin the application submission process for your app. The steps required differ depending on your platform, so please check the official documentation from Apple or Google.

Once you have submitted your app to the app store of your choice and it has been approved, congratulations! You’ve released your first app!
What if I don’t have any programming experience?
Some apps are ready for release with only very minor changes (logos, images, names, labels, etc.), while others may require more significant modifications. If you don’t have any experience you should consult with the developer of the app and ask how much work would be required to customize the app.

Many of our developers are willing to do customization and reskinning work on behalf of buyers. If you require assistance with this make sure the developer is available before purchasing the app. If the developer is not available you can contact us— we may be able to assist you in finding another developer whose skills match your requirements.
What if I don’t have any design experience?
First, consider asking the developer who created the game or app to take up the task. If the developer is not available then consider asking MeetSource for help finding a graphic designer whose skills match your requirements.
Are the apps cross-platform?
Generally, no they are not. While it is possible to create apps in a way that make them cross-platform (meaning the same app will run on both Android and iOS) using development environments like Titanium (which uses JavaScript), developing apps natively for each platform (using Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS) is still much more popular as it yields superior app performance.
Where can I learn how to program?
There are a number of great resources on the web for learning how to program. Coursera.org offers some interesting online courses for free, especially for iOS, as well as a number of other programming related topics. There are also many video series by a number of developers available on sites like YouTube.com. Just search for tutorials on the language and platform you are interested in.

For Android you might consider the Udacity course created with help from Google located here.

Once you’ve learned a bit about programming you might consider purchasing an inexpensive app on MeetSource to see how professional source codes are written and try making your own customizations.
What platforms are available?
We currently offer app source codes for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod). tvOS (Apple TV), watchOS (Apple Watch), and Android.
When will I receive money from the administrator?
See here for details: (Payment)
What is the best way to sell my app?
See here for details: (Sell)
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