A Sneak Peek at Android’s New Version – Nougat

Wednesday November 16th, 2016

While iOS users have the latest Apple iPhone 7 series and the iOS 10 OS to talk about, Android users finally have the latest OS, Nougat, to explore and discuss.

You may not get a visual overhaul as was seen with one of the earlier Android versions, Lollipop, but you definitely get several major improvements from the previous Marshmallow OS as well as some usability modifications. It would be fair to say that Nougat aims to improve the pre-existing features, extend functionality, and expand the possibilities in stock Android.

In this article, we take a closer look at Android’s latest OS version, Nougat, along with the features and functionalities on offer.

Nougat Multitasking

Google offers multitasking abilities with Nougat to help improve the productivity of the app users. Nougat is thus equipped with a split-screen functionality that works well in both portrait and landscape modes. So, users will be able to view two apps on their mobile screen at once by using two windows.

For example, Nougat users will be able to open a chat app as well as a social media app on their screens at the same time. In this way, they can be more productive and it may possibly lead to more app usage. Wouldn’t that be good news for Android app developers?

Also, the developers will be able to set a minimum app height as the two windows will only be resizable in portrait mode. In landscape mode, the screen split will be 50-50.

man-1633667_1920Quick Switching Apps

Nougat comes equipped with the ability to shuffle between the two most recently used apps. This quick switching feature complements and enhances the multitasking functionality discussed above.

For example, the Nougat users can view or compose an email in one of the two windows on the screen and switch between a notes app and a web page app in the secondary window simultaneously.

Text and Video Communication Apps

Nougat will also offer two dedicated communication apps: Allo and Duo.

Google has integrated full search capability in Allo. So, the app users can carry out a search inside the chat environment. Allo also comes equipped with end-to-end encryption, offering users the ability to set a time interval after which the messages can be destroyed. Also, Allo users can use the “suggested replies” feature for their chats, based on the artificial intelligence functionality.

Android users have been jealous of iOS users till now because of Apple’s very own Facetime video messaging app. But, Google has now got its own video communication app named Duo. The users of Duo can even see a live feed of the person calling them before they decide to answer the call.

laptop-425826_1920Other Nougat Features

The quick actions feature of Nougat in the form of Quick Reply empowers Android users to reply directly to a message from its notification. So, they need not open the messaging app for this purpose. Additionally, they can even perform actions like share, archive, and delete from the message notification itself.

There is a new storage manager, labelled Smart Storage, in the latest Android version. And, another notable feature of Nougat is the restart option on the power down menu. Haven’t Android users waited for a long time to get this feature?

In a nutshell, Nougat offers quite a few useful features and extended functionalities for Android app users. The main attractions are definitely the ability to multitask, with customized provisions for developers to determine the app height in the split-screen mode.

What do you make of this new Android OS version? Is it a considerable improvement of Android Marshmallow? Please share your views or feedback in the comments section below.