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How to Get Reviews that Will Boost Your Mobile App’s Downloads

Tuesday November 24th, 2015

A lot of hard work goes into making an app and releasing it for people to download.

Initially, you may witness a good number of downloads and then it gradually decrease to nothing, which is sure to get you worried. If there are no downloads, there is no recovery for your money, let alone profits.

You, being an app developer, thus completely understand that your job is not over when you have launched the app for downloads.

If you want to make a profit, then you need to increase the user download. If you are new to this, you will know that gaining attention for your app is not as easy as you might have thought.

There are many ways through which you can increase your app downloads. However, getting reviews makes most apps prosper, as people always seek a third-party opinion.

So, in this article, we tell you a few important ways through which you can increase your app downloads and brief you on how to get reviews. Read on!

1. Successful Keywords Are Key!

App search optimization (ASO) is the most important part of getting attention for your app. You need to know the popular searches from the users and select the keywords that get the maximum visibility for downloads.

2. Make the Best out of Social Media

It is undoubtedly the most economical way of promoting your app. Social websites are free to use and you can increase the popularity of your app without having to spend a lot of money.

3. Give Discounts

Nothing attracts customers more than discounts. Offer discounts on your apps for a limited period of time and make sure that this news reaches the maximum number of people. You will then have downloads!

4. Get Reviews

There are blogs that are interested in reviewing your apps. Get in touch with them and get reviews for yourself that will increase the visibility of your app on their blogs and thereby make your app popular. You could also get good reviews on your app store page that will give your app a good compliment.

How to Get Reviews that Boost Your Mobile App Download?

  • Boost International Reviews through Localization

Your users are going to be from all the corners of the world and not everybody will understand the Standard English language that you use.

Since the app store is used everywhere, localization options must be provided for the users from the different localities. Multiple language support is an important parameter that will make your app user- friendly.


  • Get Your People to Review the App First

Your app becomes popular only after a certain stage and it is imperative that you reach that stage as soon as possible. Reviews are what will give your app goodwill.

Get people you know to review your app, which other people are definitely going to read, on the review pages. The first impression should be the best impression!

Social Media

  • Keep Your Customers Active on Social Media

Your relationship with the customer is not over once the app is downloaded. Rather stay close to your customers through constant communication.

And what could be a better way to keep in touch than by using social media?

Make sure that you get feedback from the app users. This feedback will increase the goodwill of your app and rank it even higher in the charts.


  • In-App Pop-Up Reminders Seeking Feedback

You must leave no stone unturned if you have to excel in this domain. Try all your chances to get reviews for your app, no matter what.

Configure your app in such a way that there is a pop-up reminder after some time of the installation. This pop-up reminder must seek the feedback from the user. By doing this, you garner good feedback with good services.

  • Organize Review Exchanges with Different App Developers

You are not the only developer who is seeking good reviews to increase your app business. There are others like you.

Collaborate with such app developers and share mutual cooperation in promoting each other’s apps. Feature your app reviews in theirs and reciprocate the same favor to them as well.

  • Action the Suggestion of Your Customers

There is a reason why your app users post reviews and feedback on the forums. They are either very pleased with the performance of the app or they are disappointed with it.

If it is for the latter reason, your reaction to the feedback will make a great difference. There might be some bugs or initialization problems. Highlight such reviews and respond to them that you will fix the problem very soon.

Do not just say it, do it! The customer will definitely be happy and give a positive review if you action their suggestions. This could actually work in your favor.

Now that you know what is to be done to increase your mobile app downloads, it is the time that you employ these strategies and come out with flying colors!

So, how do you get reviews for your mobile app? Please share your experience below and thanks for reading!