10 A/B Testing Tools for Mobile Apps You Must Explore

Thursday November 5th, 2015



In the all-pervading mobile device ecosystem, apps play a pivotal role. Present day users are not just looking at an app’s functions, but also at its usability, color schemes and performance over similar apps.

But how do you identify what your users are looking for?

This is where the A/B testing tool comes in. A right A/B testing tool helps you achieve this in a much simpler and more sophisticated way. Choosing the appropriate A/B testing tool saves you a lot of time and effort.

However, there are many A/B testing tools available on the market and exploring them will help you make a wise decision about the right tool that fits your app testing.

So, the next challenge lies in determining which A/B testing tool stands out from the rest?

Thus, in this article, we examine a few of these testing tools and their features to aid you in making your decision. Take a look at them.

  1. Taplytics


Taplytics is one of the most popular and powerful tools for A/B testing your mobile apps. It has an elegant interface with striking features, including those mentioned below:

  • Complete Integration

This tool is a complete package of push notifications, a query framework, and an analytics platform. This is very vital to optimize your app with the data that it provides.

  • Code-Based Visual UI

Despite it not being required for you to have any knowledge about the mobile app code to do the A/B testing, this feature also includes a code-based testing interface to optimize it much better for tune-ability and performance.

  • Segmented Testing

You can have the same test plans segmented according to the devices, regions, platforms, customers and market segments.

  1. Airlock


This tool is intended for Facebook apps. Airlock is available free of cost and plays an important role in A/B testing apps across the Android and iOS platforms for their functionality and performance. It tests the native interface and is much more scalable and faster in deploying your app.


  1. Arise


Arise is an integrated A/B testing and personalization platform. Its tracking and profiling capabilities add a unique value and the tool lets you make visual changes to the app and see its behavior across multiple device platforms.

Furthermore, Arise provides data to run reliable experiments so your app behaves exactly the same way under different conditions.

  1. Amazon A/B Testing


This is a free tool from Amazon intended for app that have lots of users. The UI of the Amazon tool is not very enticing, but it is powerful to test your mobile app in a very economical way. You can optimize your app by testing up to five variations simultaneously with this tool.

Also, it is built on Amazon Web Services which enables you to focus on building games and apps. However, this tool does not support all the available mobile platforms.

  1. Switchboard


This is a free open source tool to perform A/B testing of your mobile apps. Its USP lies in three factors:

  • Staged Rollout

Release a new set of milestones to a subset of users to ensure a good user experience and to look out for any issues arising from the release.

  • A/B Testing

Mobile app testing is a bit tricky if it involves a native code of the underlying system. This tool lets you test such scenarios in a lightweight manner and leverage the power of A/B testing.

  • Remote Configuration

Switchboard can be used to turn off third party code to perform controlled testing of your app to isolate the issue.

  1. Leanplum


This A/B testing tool makes it easy for you to manage content, automate marketing and perform A/B testing.

It provides in-depth analytics, featuring filters and segments, and works with multiple platforms. These platforms include web platforms, such as iOS, Android, and HTML5.

Leanplum is available as a free and a full-service tool as per your needs.


  1. Abba


This is a split test calculator giving the results from a trial and error run set of test suites. It supports multi-variant platforms and is based on JavaScript. So, Abba is difficult to install and configure.

However, once that is done, it provides a very seamless interface for testing your mobile app. This is an open source tool and is free to use.

  1. Apptimize


This is a real-time A/B testing tool and has the power to test under stress and to test the functions of the users.

It has the flagging feature that lets you flag the features to a certain user base only. This is used by app developers to test it despite its real-time functionality to perform A/B testing, such as Taplytics.

  1. Optimizely


This tool offers easy implementation with a code-free visual editor and is the best in class integration. Optimizely has the powerful feature of optimizing your app across the web and the mobile device ecosystem.

It also allows you to target the experience for every customer and generates ROI in real time. It is further fast, scalable and secure and comes in two plans: The Starter plan which is absolutely free and the Enterprise plan as per your customization.

  1. Kii


Kii is a scalable cloud backend platform for your mobile apps and provides a powerful framework to do A/B testing for your app. It lets you develop, scale, test, optimize and run from a single integrated platform, reducing the development and operation costs.

This tool is available for a free trial, but you need to purchase a license to use it thereafter.

Explore these tools before you choose to adopt one and in some cases you may have to mix the tools to achieve the best out of your app. Did you use any of the abovementioned tools already? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!