7 Free UX Design Tools You Should Explore Today


The word “free” makes everything better. So, free UX design tools are preferred than regular UX design tools.

However, there is plenty of free stuff available and it is thus like sieves through a heap of tools to find the right one that will fit your design requirements.

It is natural to feel confused with such a wide variety of choices. So, to make the task of selecting the right free UX design tool easier, we have prepared a list of the top seven free UX design tools that will assist you in the best possible way.

#1 Dropbox and Google Drive

Combining both Dropbox and Google Drive under one point is done for a reason. They are equally capable of providing users with the ease and freedom of sharing massive files with anyone over the internet without having to go through much trouble.

Also, both are free to use. It is the most basic tool that should be used by all UX designers, as it will help them keep their progress safe while in the development stage and will allow them to share their ideas with other parties, if needed.

#2 XMind

This has a basic free feature, and is a great tool that can be used while brainstorming and planning. The best part about this tool is that it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

So, no matter which platform you are using, this versatile tool will allow you to map your team’s ideas in a systematic way. It is also perfect at all stages of development.

#3 Trello

This is an amazing project management tool and works great with Google Drive. It will allow you to streamline the entire project management process and will help you keep the project on track and on schedule. For a mobile app’s development and design team, Trello is a must have tool. And, it is free too.

#4 XCode and Android Studio

Integrated development environments (IDE) are priceless for mobile app developers. Luckily, these integrated tools are completely free of cost. Both XCode and Android Studio are highly powerful IDEs and allow developers to create great mobile apps at low cost.

#5 Chrome DevTools and Atom

Every developmental process has debugging steps as well. A large part of the developmental process is spent in debugging the app being developed. And, Chrome DevTools is among the best debugging tools available for developers. It makes the entire process of debugging effortless. Moreover, Atom is an advanced text editor which can be used in the building process. With these two tools, building and debugging mobile apps becomes a breeze.

#6 Five Second Test

All mobile apps are intended for the users. Thus, it is the users’ experience that counts the most while developing any mobile app.

Five Second Test is the perfect tool for gathering information about the users’ first impression of the app. It exposes the users to the design of the app for five seconds and then records their feedback about their impressions.

It thus provides invaluable information about the users’ experience and possible changes that are critical for the success of the app.

Generally, priceless information like this does not come free of cost, but Five Second Test is actually free to use. Is that not great?

#7 IxD Checklist

Every developmental process needs monitoring. As a developer, you must be aware of the tremendous pressure that you go through during the various stages of mobile app development.

It is natural to miss one or two points which you thought of in the beginning of the developmental process.

But, IxD Checklist will not let that happen. It is a free checklist that keeps tabs on all the things that must still be done and the things that have already been done.

This is not only a tool that will help you keep tabs on the progress of the development of your app, but will essentially act as a project management and time management tool during the developmental stage.

There are numerous free tools that will aid the UX design process of a mobile app developer. The above list does not even scratch the surface when it comes to exploring the free tools available for the development process.

There are many other tools and, as you keep developing, you will discover these tools and will have your own list of favorites. Till then, this is a list to go by.