7 Books You Should Explore to Learn Android App Development


Whether you are new to app development or want to improve your skills, there are hundreds of good books about Android app development.

So, here we have compiled a list of seven books that can help you easily learn Android app development. Take a look.

1. Hello Android

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Hello Android is one of the best books available on Android app development. The topics focus on important things that you need to get started, including 2D Graphics, SQL, 3D Graphics in OpenGL, and developing apps with multi-touch support. ‘Moreover, the explanations are pretty neat.

You will also find a consistent example project that is developed throughout the book. This will help you see the whole picture and show you how the different parts fit together.

It is a good book for both first-time and intermediate developers.

2. Beginning Android 3

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If you want to know how the basic things work on the Android platform, then this book is a must read for you. It adopts a practical approach towards learning by teaching through examples. Beginning Android 3 thus has several simple examples that are ready to run with your software development kit.

You will learn how to craft graphical user interfaces, excel at multi-tasking, access web services, use GPS coordinates and much more in this book.

Using the knowledge gained from this book, you will be able to create apps with device-specific characteristics and for multiple screen sizes.

3. Beginning Android 4 Games Development

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Do you want to learn the basic game fundamentals and programming needed to develop games? Then look no further. This book will help you create your own basic game engine and playable games that will work on Android 4 and earlier versions.

Moreover, the last three chapters of the book focus on 3D game programming. You will thus find extensive information on 3D game development that starts with the basics of programming.

Other interesting topics on 3D game development include how to get 3D models on screen and how to do basic collision detection in 3D.

4. Android Application Development

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This book provides information about the architecture of the Android operating system and the tools you need for development.

You will also learn how to use Android built-in features, such as messaging, 2D and 3Dgraphics and maps, persistent storage, telephony services and location-based services.

Android Application Development contains topics that will help you start with modular application. You thus start building a core module and develop advanced modules as you continue learning.

In addition, the book covers advanced topics, such as performance analysis, security, custom views, and internationalization.

5. Pro Android 3

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As the name of the book suggests, Pro Android 3 is intended for professionals who have been involved in the app development area for some time.

It focuses on both the fundamentals of app development for embedded devices and advanced concepts, such as multi-tasking and developing custom 3D components. It also gives extensive information about using Android APIs, including media and sensors.

Using the tutorials in this book, you will be able to build cool apps for Android smartphones, tablets and other devices. The book also has the right material for those who want to make Android apps that are agile enough to respond to the future.

6. Android Recipes

screenshot-www.amazon.com 2016-02-10 20-36-23Android Recipes provides more than 100 code recipes that will help you learn different aspects of app development in a step-by-step way.

It thus simplifies learning, as you learn the complex concepts of app programming through live code examples. So, it gives you pragmatic advice to start a project from scratch and finish the job quickly and effectively.

Moreover, the topics include advice on how to use external libraries to save time and effort, Android NDK, Renderscript, designing apps for performance, responsiveness, and seamlessness.

7. Beginning Android Tablet Programming

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Google offers a different framework of APIs that help you take advantage of tablets’ larger screens. So, this book offers you basic to advanced knowledge that will enable you to develop a tablet application from scratch.

The topics cover 2D programming and 3D programming and the book will give you an insight into the Android platform and its workings.

Do you know of any other books on Android app development that should be added to this list? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!