Balancing Box - iOS + Android

by dulisa1

Balancing Box - iOS + Android iOS


Balancing Box - iOS + Android iOS
Balancing Box - iOS + Android iOS
Balancing Box - iOS + Android iOS
Balancing Box - iOS + Android iOS
Balancing Box - iOS + Android iOS

Tap To Jump On Upcoming Blocks. Look easy?! Let's Try It. Blocks coming in different speed so you will need to get prepared your thumps for taping. Choose from different Game Mode or Play Challenge Mode. How to play: - Tap to jump - Jump on upcoming boxes - Balancing is everything



Source code with universal support, Phone and Tablet support.
Game Artwork is included with .PSD file
iOS and Android Project Included
Xcode 8 64 Bit Support iOS 10
Android SDK 6.0+ Eclipse Engine
.bbdoc BuildBox file Included

Advertising Networks:

AdMob Banner ( Android Version )
HeyZap ( iOS and Android Version )

How to Use

How To:

Create new App ID related to your project.
Create new Distribution Provisioning profile for your App ID, download it and install it in Xcode.
Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app.
Change Atlases file with new images.
Change ID for AD Networks.
Update Review Us URL.
Configure Game Center.
Archive and Publish your game.

Sample Code

&lt ?xml versi encoding="UTF-8"?&gt; <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"/> <plist versi> <dict> <key>ROOT</key> <array> <dict> <key>id</key> <string>1</string> <key>className</key> <string>PTModelGeneralSettings</string> <key>Name</key> <dict> <key>visible</key> <string>0</string> <key>value</key> <string></string> </dict> <key>Version Number</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>1.0.0</string> </dict> <key>Application Name</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>NameOfGame</string> </dict> <key>Comments</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>Jump on the block</string> </dict> <key>Reset text</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>PLEASE NOTE: You are about to reset all your game progress and start completely over. Are you sure you want to do that?</string> </dict> <key>Build Date</key> <dict> <key>visible</key> <string>0</string> <key>value</key> <string>1481096441</string> </dict> <key>Game Speed Min</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>0.400000</string> <key>useDefault</key> <string>0</string> </dict> <key>Game Speed Max</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>0.400000</string> <key>useDefault</key> <string>0</string> </dict> <key>Game Speed Increase</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>0.000000</string> <key>useDefault</key> <string>0</string> </dict>

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